im impressed LJ have a nick community.
he is totally adorable and HI-larious!!!
i am obsessed like hector!!!

i hope and pray he comes to seattle so i can molest him.
is he gay or what? im confused!

anyway check out my profile and add me i want nick fan friends!!!
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Hello everyone, I'm new around to the group, but I've loved Nick Swardson for a long time.

Quick question...*years* ago, I remember seeing Nick do a stand-up routine...I'm positive it was on Comedy Central...the one I want is the one where he starts out doing an impression of people on a roller coaster. I've looked *everywhere* for it, but the only one I can find is the one about video games and grandma...

Does anyone know the one I'm talking about, and if so can you point me in the right direction?



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Corpse Bride

Colour bars...

I LOVE Nick Swardson! I was inspired by some of my favourite comedians to make some colour bars. I'll only post my Nick ones here but I also have Brian Regan, Dane Cook, and Pablo Francisco colour bars on my personal graphics page (crystalgraphics) so check those out too!

Nick Swardson [2]

Comment + credit if taking.

Click here for colour barsCollapse )

Check out my personal graphics page (crystalgraphics) for more updates. I might not post every single new colour bar in these communities but I will definitely post them there.
i'm pretty freaking great.

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I just joined because Reno 911 rocks my soul and I laugh every time I see Terry even though I've seen each episode a bajillion times. I love y'alls community name.

"There was a man with a flame thrower and he had this woman's baby and I was crying..."

"I'm in three gangs. I started two, one is called the kitties and the other is called the grape slushies."

Hehhehehehehehehe... I'll make some icons when I get my programs back :).

Did Nick know John Stamos?

Hey guys! I just joined, and (although I feel it is obvious, I must say it) I <3 the Swardson. I first saw his special on Comedy Central a whiiiiiile ago, and I was lucky enough to see him live when he came to the University of Virginia last year. I almost died. Literally.

Pictures! Sorry some are blurry. I was laughing too hard to hold the camera still.
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Anyway, I wanted to fully express my love and idolization for this great comic. I'm so glad there is a community devoted to his genius. You are all cool by association.

P.S. Mitch is dead. People must accept this. Nick is the wave of the future! Who's with me?!
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not your star

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I had no idea such a community existed -- hi. I'm Jessica. I've been a fan of Nick Swardson for quite some time now -- since I saw his first stand-up bit on Comedy Central, I believe. Seriously, I'm in shock. I didn't know other people (beyond my warped circle of three friends here) had any idea that Nick even existed, let alone had a community. Wee.

I guess my point is: hi, I joined. :)
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I've enjoyed his stand-up for a while now, and I think his character on Reno 911! is excellent. But unfortunately, this brings about a dilemma.

I need the 'Booty Camp' shirt. It has transcended the want stage and is now officially a need. Anyone know where someone could buy such a thing?

*gasp of joy*

I have loved Nick Swardson forever...I just forgot his name for a long time. I watch a lot of Stand Up Comedy, lol. I wish there was a page full of all his quotes. All the ones you guys wrote down I love. I can hear his voice in my head when I read them and it makes me giggle.
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